Sometimes we can get bogged down with too many projects that take us away from our own writing work. When this happens, it is good to readjust our thinking and timing to ensure that we remain on point in achieving our personal writing goals.

For me this takes diligence since I can easily get caught up in completing someone else’s project that I am compensated for, yet don’t schedule enough writing time for my own creative work.

So I created a challenge for myself, one which I encourage you to use.

Make a list of those writing projects you are most confident you will be able to complete.

Put aside at least 2 days per week for YOUR personal writing work. This is especially important if you are writing work for hire.

Then just WRITE!

Here’s wishing you a great weekend of creativity!

Yesterday I received a fortune cookie that read:

Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible.

As to being a creative person who likes to challenge myself ( and others) to keep their craft alive, in this post I will lay out a few tried and true guidelines that continue to work for me as a writer AND get me opportunities.

  1. DO NOT QUIT! Regardless of what you are going through in your life, keep your creative work a priority. I admit there have been times in my life when I created projects that flopped and had to recreate myself – yet this is a part of being creative!

2. CREATE GOOD HABITS! Ensure that you do something constructive, purposeful, and creative each day. This could be learning a new program that allows you to design a book cover, structure out a new book by creating an outline or even write a song. It’s in the doing that we are most happy and fulfill our daily goals.

3. READ ABOUT & BE ENCOURAGED THE SUCCESS OF OTHERS! Some of us are eternally jealous or forlorn when we read about the success other people achieve in their creative work. For years I had writers block because my mom who was a fantastic writer was always held in high regard by my family as such. While she published a family newsletter and wrote terrific short-stories she never pursued the business of writing. When she passed I realized I had gotten in my own way by being afraid to become accomplished in my craft as a writer. It took a few years and much trial and error and today here I am, earning a living as writer and publishing my work – which was actually what my mom had intended for me in the first place!

Lastly, honor yourself as a creative being – our talents are given to us for a reason – and we MUST keep those talents alive. Be authentic, write with purpose and YOU WILL SUCCEED!

All it takes is an open heart and mind!

On writing for and with purpose

Today I would like to share several ideas on writing with purpose.

Writing for a purpose is different than writing with purpose.

Writing for a purpose suggests that you are writing to fulfill the end result of a project or other writing need to gain income, accolades or both.

Writing with purpose is oriented toward making statements that move people to action for the good of one’s community at large.

As someone who writes for a purpose and receives income from it, I do spend an inordinate amount of time writing with purpose – to encourage others to live their best life and to improve the lives of others.

Sometimes my writing leans left of center, because as a writer I am oriented toward speaking truth to power, and want to engage others in thinking outside of the box when it comes toward making one’s writing about the good of the whole.

So – I urge you to write for purpose while creating bodies of work with purpose.

Purposeful words can change our world!

The end result being peace thru the pen.

Gaining notice through your words and writing actions!

As someone who assists authors, students, and businesses in developing their best writing work, today’s post will be about creating content that works in gaining you notice.

Gaining notice?


Because in most instances, how you write speaks volumes about how you think AND how you are perceived in life.

Whether you are a first time or seasoned author, a student writing essays or a capstone project, or a marketing agency creating copy for your clients, having a solid vocabulary and a good mastery of how to use language is key to getting your point across.

Consider this statement:

Black Lives Matter.

Herein we have a choice of words that are resonating with people all over the globe. We also have a statement that exudes a call to action for one group of people yet affects all people.

Now consider this statement:

Life Matters.

This could be applied to many areas of writing, as it relates to human rights or animal rights.

What is unique about this short statement is that it can be applied to various contexts, whereas the statement above it has a distinct and defined sense of purpose.

That is: to bring to light the indignities suffered by one population versus what all people suffer when one group is upheld as preeminent in its suffering.

All people suffer when one person suffers. It’s part of our collective consciousness to take up the cause of one group as it is called for.

Still, as an observer of people and someone who attempts chooses her words carefully for the sake of getting my point across in an intelligent manner, I urge you to choose words that allow for just that.

And take up the cause of what is right so that all lives matter.

Here’s to your next adventure…

Posted by Stefanie August Creative on Thursday, January 25, 2018